Providing a Home for Our GIRLS!

Dear Friends,

We wanted to specifically asking for your prayers and support. Over this year, we have been struggling with a place for our girls to live. Whenever we rent a facility for them, the neighbors are quick to cause problems and force the landlord to ask us to vacate. Culturally, most higher caste people, do not want girls from the lower castes living next to them and they naturally become suspicious of a group of girls living together in a house. We are again in a position where we are having to relocate the girls. This will be the fourth move since March 2017. As an organization, we have been prayerfully asking God what to do.
We have found a home that we would like to purchase for the girls, if God makes it possible. It is currently listed at approx. $95,000. The bank is willing to give our organization a loan that would be the equivalent to what we pay in rent every month already for the girls home. However, we need to make a downpayment of at least $20,000. We are praying and walking by faith that God will provide, and even if He doesn’t, He is still God and has a plan for us and the girls we have brought in.
I am attaching a picture of the house we are praying over and the girls we currently have that would live here if we were able to purchase the home. This house could provide home for about 15-20 girls. It is four bedrooms with an office and additional living space for house help that we could renovate into a home for the house parents living with the girls. It is located in a suburban neighborhood that would be safe and allow them to have access to good schools.
Will you pray with us?
Thank you so much for the ways you have already supported us, prayed with us, and encouraged us over the last year. We look forward with sharing this praise report with you soon!
If you would like to give towards this project, here is a link ( that you can donate directly. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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