COVID-19 Relief

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect across the world, but especially India. Home to some of the poorest people, many surviving as daily wage workers, the people have been fighting more than just the virus, but also the effects of a nation-wide lockdown and continued restrictions. There has been a lack of work, schools have closed putting many children at risk, the domestic abuse and suicide rates have skyrocketed. Project I Am International has stepped in to help in many situation as we have seen fit with medical bills, providing food, and protecting at-risk women and children.

However, most recently, as a second wave of COVID-19 has hit especially the slums, India is facing an orphan crises like never seen before. Children are being orphaned overnight with parents passing away due to COVID leaving children extremely vulnerable. Suddenly, they have no where to go or someone to love and protect them. 

Project I am International has been approached by the government to provide a safe place for many of these children to come. Right now, we are preparing our facilities for children to be placed in our care as well as an isolation facility since many of these children would have been directly exposed to the virus.

In one of our rescue facilities, we have cleared 2 floors (each floor is around 2,400sq ft with 4 washrooms) for these children. As of now, we are preparing one floor one for boys and another floor for girls. In order to be prepared to care for these children, we will need –

1. 15 bunk beds and 30 mattresses

2. 30 bedsheets, pillow covers, and pillows

3. Medicines prescribed by the government and all sanitary and hygiene supplies

4. Two additional staff and potentially renting an additional facility

If you would like to give to help meet the needs for these orphaned children, please click on the link below.