Street Kids


Did you know over 18 MILLION children are living on the streets of India today? 

You will find these small, innocent children forced to live in landfills, train stations, or on the side of the main roads in the major cities. During the day most of their time is spent under the hot sun begging or selling small gadgets or toys to passersby. They are desperate just to earn enough money to eat a meal in the evenings before making their bed on the cold, dirty sidewalk or underneath a bench in a bus station, often beaten and harassed by police in the middle of the night.

They have no safety, no love, and no place to call their home.

Each day, their situation becomes more dangerous as they continue to fall prey to the vulnerabilities of life on the streets. Abuse. Prostitution. Forced Labor.


  • Fleeing Abuse
  • Seeking opportunity to escape extreme poverty
  • Abandonment or death of parents or guardians

Will you give a child a way out of their desperate situation?

Your gift will rescue a child from their horrendous life on the streets. They won’t have to spend another day wondering if they will be able to eat that day or sleep safely that night.

We opened our first rescue home for street children on March 16, 2017. Today, we have rescued 22 children and hope to open our second rescue home by mid-June 2017.


Ashok is just one child who has been rescued from the streets, but there are still thousands waiting just like him.  Will you give them a place that finally feels like home? Click on any of the options below to start giving today!


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